What is the cost to get a bidet installed in Sydney? (2023)

What does it cost to install a smart bidet toilet seat

Learn about the costs involved to install a bidet and some of the choices you have before buying one for your home

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  • May 9, 2022
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Bidet toilet seat installer in Sydney

Nu-Trend are plumbers in Sydney who can help you get a bidet installed quickly & easily. Bunnings sells a range of bidets that start from $99 inc gst and go up to around $400 inc gst. They aren’t the only place you can buy a bidet to get installed, you can also try online stores like Bidets Online to choose a suitable model. One of our plumbers can then come to your home to get it installed.

Basic Bidets are operated manually but there are also models which are called ‘Smart Bidets’ that have electronic functions likenozzle cleansing, warm water washes, dryer and other functions.

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Is a toilet seat and bidet sanitary?

A traditional bidet toilet will be a permanent fixture in the bathroom just like a traditional toilet or shower would be. Astandalone bidet toilet fixture sits alongside the normal toilet so you can clean your genitals. Using water is considered moresanitarybecause it gently cleans the area instead of smearing waste on your skin withtoiletpaper.

The norm in most Australian homes is to use toilet paper, but you can get a more hygienic clean of your private parts by using water to clean up rather than using the toilet paper, just like you do in a shower. Water is a lot more thorough than paper wipes and the effectiveness (or lack of it) of hand washing after wiping is also an issue.Bidets can help relieve haemorrhoids, as well as some of the symptoms of constipation and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Do you wipe after using a bidet toilet?

Wiping after using a bidet is pretty simple actually. Gently wipe or blot the wet areas to soak up any excess water. Remember that the area is already clean; one gentle wipe or dab should do the trick. In most cases you can use toilet paper to do this as as most people already have it in their bathrooms. Although some people may use a towel, just like you would after you have a shower.

If you have a high end bidet that has built in drying fans then you may not need to wipe at all because the toilet seat will do all the work for you.

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Where can you buy a bidet toilet seat & how much are they

The cost of a bidet toilet seat will vary depending on the brand or quality you choose. There are lots of places you can buy one from with stores like Bunnings or online specialists. Nu-Trend does not stock bidets, but we are happy to install a unit that you supply.

Bunnings sell bidet toilet seats and accessories from $99 with a range of different products available on their website

Bidets Online sell their bidet attachmentLUELUE LB5000 from around $220-$300 with their high end Air Dryer Bidet toilet seatDIB C450R that has a covered nozzle, night light, advanced nozzle cleansing feature, warm water wash, remote control and a build in dryer that is made in South Korea with a 2 years warranty for $799 on their website

The Bidet Shop sells hundreds of products from $150 with luxury models costing up to $5,000 on their website

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Can you install a bidet on any toilet?

Bidet toilet seats are generally designed to be installed by anyone so there are no special skills really needed to place it onto a toilet. Although if you have to use a qualified plumber if the product is being connected to Sydney’s drinking water supply. There are a range of bidet toilet seats available and some will include the ability to heat the water, fan drying and more.

For a lot of Sydney home owners, installing a bidet toilet seat is a quick and easy solution.

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How much does it cost to install a smart bidet toilet seat in Sydney?

In Australia, the installation of bidet toilet products connected to a drinking water supply must be done by a licensed plumber in Sydney like Nu-Trend – it’s actually illegal to do it yourself.

All bidet toilet products must also be certified through the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

Installing a smart bidet toilet seat will usually cost between $100 and $200 assuming the existing plumbing can be used around your toilet. This bidet toilet seat has a wireless remote control with different cleaning modes to provide hands-free hygienic cleaning and help the environment by reducing toilet paper waste.

  • Wireless remote control with four cleaning modes: posterior, feminine, swing and massage
  • Air dryer function and soft closing heated seat
  • Self-cleaning nozzles and integrated deodoriser
  • Inside the box it has;
  • Pack includes;
    • Bidet toilet seat.
    • Remote control with mounting bracket.
    • Water filter
    • AS/NZS2845.1 compliant dual check valve.
    • Flexible water connectors.
    • Top and bottom fixing kit

Luckily in this situation the property owner had already purchased the bidet toilet seat and the existing electrical and plumbing was nearby. It meant this bidet installation was pretty straight forward and we didn’t need to relocate any services or create extensions etc.

In this situation a bidet installation can be done for around $200 and be done in less than 2 hours to make it a quick and easy bathroom accessory to get installed. We altered the mini tap connection to suit the cistern and toilet seat for the water supply.

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What types of bidet spray installations are available in Sydney?

1. Toilet seat bidets
A toilet seat bidet comes in different models with the most popular ones the newer electric models. Pricing for one of these can vary with cheaper models available from around $700 to all-in-one units around $1,500.

While these are relatively cheap to other options it is important to consider that because the bidet seats attach to your existing toilet, the mess stays in the bowl and there could potentially be spillage around the edges making it a little harder to clean later. You can use a bidet to clean your butt with water after you poop and while traditional bidets are separate from your toilet these more modern ones attach to any standard toilet quickly.

Installation for a toilet seat bidet can vary from $400 up to $4,000 it just really depends on the situation in your bathroom in relation to plumbing, electrical and sewage.

2. Bidet spray kits
A bidet spray kit is a quicker alternative to get installed as it is adapted to the existing water supply. The spray kits are available from $80 depending on the brand, design and material used and installation will vary between $50 and $500 depending on the complexity of your bathroom set up.

3. Traditional bidet toilet
A traditional bidet is what we call ‘old skool’ and is a permanent solution that involves a small renovation to your bathroom. Getting one of these installed can vary between $800 and $4,000 depending on the situation and type of unit chosen. You must have a licensed plumber install this type of unit and we have the added benefit of 20 years bathroom renovation experience to get the job done properly.

We can provide bidet installation quotations via video call to provide a contact less end to end plumber service in Sydney

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What does a bidet toilet seat installation look like?

* Please note these photos are not professional property images. They have been taken using a mobile phone making it quick and easy to show off some of our work without gimmicks or photoshop trickery.

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They have a very single minded commitment to deliver a high level of professionalism and quality, they’ve been doing renovation contracting in Sydney for 15+ years.


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